Futures tennis tournament BelGlobal Cup starts in Minsk


Futures tennis tournament BelGlobal Cup starts in Minsk

The courts of Minsk's Tennis Palace are hosting the first of the two men's international tournaments of the Futures series - BelGlobal Cup.

The prize fund of these competitions is $15,000.

Tennis players from 19 countries, representing both near and far abroad, will fight for the victory in the Belarusian capital.

The tournament features representatives of the world's top 900, so the Minsk audience will have a wide choice of who to cheer for.

Among the participants are members of the Belarus men's national tennis team: Yaraslau Shyla, Dzmitry Zhyrmont and Sergey Betov.

Eduard Gladkov, director of BelGlobal Cup tennis tournament:
This tournament was attended by a lot of foreigners - Americans, Israeli and Spanish tennis players. A lot of people from the UK came too. The geography of the tournament is very wide and this is because the tournament will be very interesting and rich in events.