President Lukashenko sets tasks for newly appointed local authority officials


President Lukashenko sets tasks for newly appointed local authority officials

The President has coordinated appointments of several directors of the local vertical power structure. New directors in seven regions of the country.

Improvement of life conditions must be at the center of their attention, the harvesting campaign is the top priority. Alexander Lukashenko emphasized that heads of district executive committees are getting down to work in an uneasy period of time. What is more, the appointment of new officials is based not only on the necessities of today. They must work for the future of the country.

On August 7, 2017 seven districts received new directors. The choice of new authorities was made based on professional skills and personal characteristics. Alexander Poznyak will now be in charge of the Orsha district. The former assistant to the President and inspector of the Vitebsk region knows about the problems and the necessities of the region.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
You understand that Orsha today is not only familiar to everyone. There are several districts like this one. On the example of Orsha we must show how we will be developing them. You are the person who is involved into it. To send a person there from aside- means leaving the reconstruction of the Orsha district. It is a very serious region. Near the market, near the Russian Federation. It is one of the most important railway ties, direction of Berlin-Moscow. Everything is concentrated there.

The Orsha district is going through a stage o reconstruction. In summer 2017 Alexander Lukashenko gave indications to put things back to order in the districts. In May 2017 Leonid Penkovsky took the post of chairman. However, he has serious problems with health and now the ex-head of district understood: in such a combination it is impossible to make the district an example for other districts.

Alexander Poznyak, chairman of Orsha district executive committee:
I need to adapt to the circumstances straight away. Despite the difficult climate conditions, the harvest of grains and other cultures has been gained. Orsha is a large indusztrial center, the development of other sectors- industry, in particular, must be given attention to.

Rebranding of districts is one of the main priorities of local authorities. In small towns and villages the conditions mustn’t be worse than in regional centers.

The harvesting campaign was touched upon as well. The task is to return the previous merits. This was reminded by Alexander Lukashenko when coordinating the appointment of the new Deputy Governor of the Vitebsk region Oleg Matskevich. Indications Were given to look into the structure of the crop acreage once again.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Crops must be grown in places where there will be a good effect. Where there is no effect, we need to switch to grasses, dairy cattle breeding. The neglected plots of lands must be occupied by cattle, to produce bee, make herds and to pasture them from May till October.

The new head of the Soligorsk district will have to see into the issues of the district.

Oleg Poskrobko, chairman of Soligorsk District Executive Committeee:
The President gave indications to carry out such a reset taking into consideration the knowledge and experience in the housing and utilities services. There are things to work on.

Considering the latest events, the Soligorsk district is not an easy territory for even experienced people to work on.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Oleg Grigorievich,as for the Soligorsk district, what happened with the chairman there, you will have to raise the image of the authority. I will be very much so happy if you invite me and show me a new example of reformed housing and utilities services. We do not need any sky-high suggestions. We need to take all the best out of what we have and create a new model of directing hosing and utilities services complex. This issue is for you to solve.

The Gantsevichi district will see a new chairman. Alexander Doroshenko will take charge of the Drogichin district, Andrei Bulavkin will be the head of the Beshenkovichi district. Pavel Nalivaiko will be the chairman of the Osipovichi district and Dmitry Ruban of the Khotimsk district. Alexander Lukashenko emphasized that the newly-appointed people are getting down to work in a difficult time, at the height of the harvesting campaign.

Alexander Lukashenko:
I very much ask you to carry out your authority in full volumes, so that I do not remind you once again that you are the chairmen of the district executive committees and you are responsible for the functioning of these territories. Decide who you are going to work with. If people have lost their professional skills, they need to be replaced. If you want to give someone a chance, it will be very good. I don't support it when people resort to drastic changes, because there could be different reasons, different styles of leadership of earlier leaders. So give people a chance. If you want to optimize something somewhere, reduce the administrative apparatus to optimize things financially (you probably know that this was what we proceeded from making the optimization decision), please, it's all in your hands. Today you are forming administrative apparatuses on the ground, you are in control today, but do not forget that it's just not necessary to drive around the district visiting all farms. You have 3-4 or maybe 5 problematic farms, take control over them. This is your face. And work with people, of. We must meet with people. People are ready to listen to any lecturers, any preachers, but people want to see a leader who has authority and can solve their problems today. The school year is coming soon. Schools must be ready for classes.

Personnel changes in three Ministries. Alexander Korbut, Alexander Baraulya and Andrei Dapkiunas have been appointed new deputy ministers. What is more, Valentin Rybakov will hold the post of the Representative of Belarus to the UN from now on. Several large plants have new directors as well.