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What do Italians know about Belarus?

What do Italians know about Belarus? How is the opinion and attitude? Is it really so negative? Though there has been some warming up in the relations lately. And how close is Belarus associated with Russia?

Elvira Apone, writer, journalist:
First of all I can say that the do not Know Belarus very well. If it comes to explaining to an Italian what is Belarus and where it is, it is sometimes necessary to speak about Russia. They associate Belarus with Russia. Secondly, those who have been to Belarus or Russia,

they can say that the liked it here.

They come here as tourists. The culture of people, I suppose, they do not know it well enough in Italy, about Belarus most of all. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly explain what and how happens, because not a lot of information comes from you to us as well.

What do Italians know about Belarus?