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First combiners-thousanders awarded in Mosty district

First combiners, who harvested one thousand tons or more, have been awarded in the Grodno region.

Crews from Berestovitsa, Mosty and Volkovyssk districts are in the lead.

Strong friendship, brotherly relations and family ties - practice shows that personal relations contribute to the records.

There are three children in the Moskvenkov family. In the last two years the eldest of the sons helped his father, this year is the youngest son’s turn. The first harvesting campaign- and he is already in the lead.

Pavel Moskvenkov, combine assistant at Collective Farming Unitary Enterprise named after Adam Mitskevich:
When we harvested one thousand, I didn’t think that it was so much myself. I was pleased.

Alone or together with sons, in the 20 years of work, Piotr Moskvenkov is in the lead nearly every year.

Piotr Moskvenkov, combiner at Collective Farming Unitary Enterprise named after Adam Mitskevich:
Certainly, it is easier with my son, we understand one another. He always listens to me. We try to stay late in the evening, if there is a field to be harvested - we stay behind and do it.

Piotr’s colleagues call the combiner a real professional in his job.

Galina Buro, CTV:
In one hour it is possible to harvest 20 tons of grain. Each mechanization specialist knows and keeps his records. When there is a little bit let to be a leader, a new lease of lie is found.

And he was the first one in Mosty district to harvest one thousand tons of grain.

He was awarded straight on the working place: lowers and wreaths of spikelets, plus 100 rubles into the family budget.

Marina Artsyman, head of the social partnership and labor relations of Grodno region trade unions:
It is necessary or these people to feel the importance and responsibility of the job they do. So that they understand, what they are working for.

Any person would be pleased to get diplomas, money payments, presents or the job they do.

Vladimir Pisarevich, director of Collective Farming Unitary Enterprise named after Adam Mitskevich:
It is an example for others. The leaders today are perfect; there are people to look up to.

Such combiners worth their weight in gold.

The current year is better than the previous year in terms of the crop yield. The President gave indications not to make losses. The harvest is safe when there are such hardworking crews.

First combiners-thousanders awarded in Mosty district