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Belarus' to export $6bn of foodstuffs in 2017

Belarus' export of food in 2017 will be $6 billion. The forecast was made based on the work of the agrarian industry of Belarus.

Now here is the most intense period. A third of the harvest is removed and a total figure is more than 2.5 million tons of grain. Part of it is winter rye. This kind of crops is traditional for Belarus and now it is quite in demand on the world market. 

Supplies of Belarus' rye flour in 2017 amounted to about 100,000 tons. Its cost is higher than that of wheat flour.

Belarusian scientists are constantly working to increase the yield of grain. About 80% of the area is occupied by plants of Belarusian origin. Winter wheat and rye, triticale and barley are particularly resistant to weather and pests.

Belarus' to export $6bn of foodstuffs in 2017