Festival of Korean culture held in Minsk: National costumes and dishes on display

Festival of Korean culture held in Minsk: National costumes and dishes on display

Try on hanbok, see the Korean wave and taste Kimchi! A festival of Korean culture took place in Vierchni Horad (Upper Town) in Minsk. It has already become a traditional one for Minsk residents.

In 2017 it was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Belarus and the Republic of Korea.

Korean Arirang Dance Group performed court, folk and modern dances. The structure of the group is unique. After all, most of the dancers are Belarusian who are in love with Korea.

Taisiya Novikova, Korean culture team Arirang:
I have been dancing Korean dances for six years, because they are close to my soul. I like traditional ones, because the whole history of Korea is shown in these dances. The drums in general symbolize rain, clouds, and thunderstorms. Everything is very, very beautiful.

Guests of the holiday hardly had time to choose entertainment for their liking. They were offered a bright performance and a master class on taekwondo, old Korean games and tasting of national dishes. We saw the longest line near the tent with the unfamiliar name Hanbok.

Kamilla Shakh, CTV:
Traditional Korean costume is called hanbok. It consists of chima skirt and jeogori top. The color of the chima depended on the position and status of the woman who wore it. Modern Korean women wear hanbok only for special occasions.

 как прошёл в Минске праздник корейской культуры?

Belarus and Korea are more than 7,000 kilometers apart but they are united by a quarter of a century of diplomatic relations.

Kimi Ri, Chairperson of the Association of Koreans Residing in Belarus:
Korea is a developed country. It occupies 11th place in the world in terms of economic development. First, there are people like Belarusians, hardworking, friendly. I believe that this is the most valuable thing - people. Well, of course, the country is very interesting, with mountains, with seas, in terms of the geographical location it is a very interesting country.

Days of national cultures do not end there. They will be held in Minsk every weekend until the end of September. Ahead are days of culture of Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Armenia, India, Georgia and Poland.