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Federation of Trade Unions traces price dynamics on medicine

The Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus is continuing to monitor the prices on socially important goods.

Due attention is paid to medicine. The research included both private and state pharmacies. Specialists are tracing the price dynamics on 26 medicines. From this month the list of medicines which is under “public” control will be expanded. The monitoring results have shown the price increase on vegetables and dairy products.

Mikhail Orda, chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Belarus:
Unfortunately, we see a sustainable price increase on dairy products. Agricultural producers increased the prices on this kind of product up to 8% from February till May. We asked our regulator, the Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade, to look into the matter and carry out research if necessary. We are also concerned about the price growth on vegetables –on potatoes, cabbage.

School kits are another object of monitoring. The expenditures of parents on clothes, shoes and stationery didn’t grow much; some of the items are now even cheaper to buy. The “public” control on prices is carried out every month.

Federation of Trade Unions traces price dynamics on medicine