State Control Committee of Belarus: Harvesting campaign will be invigorated

State Control Committee of Belarus: Harvesting campaign will be invigorated

On August 4 the State Control Committee announced the results of monitoring, which these days was conducted in agriculture. The pace of harvesting, indeed, accelerated, largely thanks to the fact that the Vitebsk region, the northernmost one, joined the harvesting.

Of course, in such a short period the situation has not changed dramatically, however, the situation has improved significantly, noted in the monitoring department. About a third of agricultural enterprises were checked. In 26% of cases, deficiencies were identified. Among the serious drawbacks is poor preparation of equipment and facts of mismanagement. Control over the harvesting progress will be continued.

Leonid Anfimov, Chairman of the State Control Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
The meeting held by the President was a powerful impetus for the invigoration of these works. Serious progress has already been made in this regard. I will say that many people began to think that these mistakes should simply be eliminated this year. It is necessary to prepare equipment not immediately before going into the field but already after winter.

August 4 in the State Control Committee summed up the work for the first half of 2017. Performance audit as a new control form is now more actively applied. Based on the results of inspections that took place over these six months, more than 94 million rubles were paid to the state.

The Department of Financial Investigations also worked actively. In H1 its staff identified 656 crimes. Almost half of them are grave. In general, the State Control Committee does not depart from the already established principle: the agency does not rely on the number of inspections but on their quality.