President Lukashenko: Decree on social dependency will not be cancelled

President Lukashenko: Decree on social dependency will not be cancelled

Demographic security and employment were discussed on August 3 at a meeting with the Belarus President.

The measures of the state policy of Belarus are aimed at increasing the number of population. However, according to the results of the first half of 2017, the birth rate decreased by 13%. To improve the demographic situation, it is necessary to create appropriate conditions. This includes providing jobs and increasing the prosperity of Belarusians. The President stressed that this is a guide to action primarily for the government.

The situation in the labor market and the fight against unemployment was also discussed.

The theme of Decree No. 3 On Prevention of Social Dependency was also talked over. The document has been seriously revised. The main goal of the document is to provide work for all able-bodied Belarusians.

More active work of local authorities and deputies can add dynamism to this process. The updated Decree should appear by October 1, 2017.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Our main task, which we, not our children, should solve is 15 million people. This is the economic security of our country, the power of our state, and it is always in people. And we must act ahead, predict future processes and respond to them in time. Everyone who wants to work should have this opportunity. Therefore, the authorities need to help everyone who needs it. Retrain citizens, assist them in organizing their own businesses. There is too much talk on this subject in our society. So I would like to dot the i's. Most of all it is necessary to focus on those who do not work today and do not want to work, but who must work. This problem cannot be concealed. Do not hide it in demographics and some other questions. The society should know that there can be no cancellation of Decree No.3. I already motivated this question. We have at least half a million of non-working people. Of these, we can free 200,000. Large families, sick, disabled. People who may want to work, but who cannot work due to life circumstances. But where are those 300,000? By October 12, we must have this document along with others. We call it "On the liberation of business". We have a serious document, which is the result of hard work. There are a number of other documents designed to develop and aiming at the strengthening of our state, I'm not afraid of these big and loud words.

Belarus has a program to promote employment. It involves retraining of workers and the employment of disabled people. In general, the situation in the labor market has improved compared to 2016. Experts note a decrease in the level of unemployment. At the same time, there are more vacancies in Belarus than applicants for jobs.