Book of Ignacy Domeyko's great-granddaughter translated into Belarusian

Book of Ignacy Domeyko's great-granddaughter translated into Belarusian

The whole world knows this Belarusian. On July 31, relatives celebrated the birthday of Ignacy Domeyko, the famous geologist, geographer and ethnologist, rector of the University of Chile, national hero of that country. But every Belarusian knows that Ignacy was born here near Novogrudok.

Unique photos, printed publications about the life and work of the scientist could be seen in Minsk on July 31. Both scientists and descendants of Domeyko took part in the specialized exhibition. The guests were presented the translation into Belarusian of a book written by the great-granddaughter of the famous native of Belarus.

During his career, Ignat Domeyko did mineralogical research, studied Aboriginal peoples of South America and organized a meteorological service in Santiago de Chile. He conducted six expeditions to the Andes and the Cordilleras, where deposits of silver, copper, gold, coal and the world-famous Chilean nitrate were discovered. He also made a geographic, geological and economic map of the former lands of Rzeczpospolita.

Paz Dameyko, great-granddaughter of Ignacy Domeyko:
It was as if my dream came true when I first came to Belarus in 1999 to visit all the places connected with Ignacy Domeyko. I could not even imagine that I would come to you again on this occasion - to attend the presentation of my book translated into Belarusian . It's amazing, besides, it's nice to visit places that my ancestor loved.

Valentina Lebedeva, historian:
Domeyko helped Chile become a developed country. This is a proven fact, because he discovered there tens of mines with copper and silver. Domeyko never forgot about Belarus. He dreamed of returning to Belarus all his life.

Ignat Domeyko authored about 130 scientific works, which brought the scientist world fame. The authority of Don Ignazio, as Chileans call him, is indisputable. To analyze and summarize Belarusian and foreign experience in geology, scientists from Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, the USA, Argentina and Chile gathered in Minsk on July 31. The Belarusian capital hosted an international scientific conference.