Belarus to establish pharmaceutical production holding company

Belarus to establish pharmaceutical production holding company

A new holding company for making pharmaceutical products in Belarus will be responsible for increasing the volume of production of drugs and their exports. The decision on its creation is envisaged by the decree of the Belarus President.

Before that, the Department of the Pharmaceutical Industry included six enterprises, but now it became necessary to consolidate other Belarusian producers and there are more than 35 of them now. Thanks to the new holding company, equal conditions will be created for everyone. Trade in foreign markets, as stressed by the ministry, will be simplified by opening so-called trading houses.

Viktor Shein, Deputy Director of the Department of Pharmaceutical Industry - Head of the Department of Economics and Marketing of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus:
Not only state producers will be participants in the holding company. We see that private businesses, other ministries and departments (on a functional basis) will participate in the company too. And most importantly, we see that the holding company will have representatives from among the wholesale and retail trade. This is very important, since interaction between the manufacturer and the subject who sells medicines is economically beneficial for each subject of economic activity. The creation of the holding company on the specified conditions will allow increasing sharply both production volumes and the nomenclature of manufactured medicines, and to expand export geography.

Министерство здравоохранения Беларуси

As stressed by the Ministry of Health, the Department of Pharmaceutical Industry has already fulfilled all the tasks to ensure the necessary share of Belarusian medicines in the domestic market.

In 2017, their share was brought to 55%.