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New Caledonian crested gecko raised in Grodno Zoo

A rare lizard - New Caledonian crested gecko - was raised in the Grodno Zoo. There are several such lizards in the world. They exist only in New Caledonia - an island in the Pacific Ocean - and are found almost exclusively in private collections.

Until 1994, the species was considered extinct. Therefore, the export of the reptile from the island is prohibited. It is difficult to grow this species in captivity, but the employees of the Grodno Zoo managed to do that. New Caledonian crested gecko love bananas. In front they have thorns that look like eyelashes.

Liliya Bildya, Grodno Zoo:
This lizard arrived when it was two weeks of age - this is a very tender age. We have saved it. It is easy for us to take care of it because we have our own food base.

Today the lizard is about a month old. Once the lizard grows older, it will be put on display.

Lizard eating banana raised in Grodno Zoo