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Belarus' Economy Minister about salary, labor productivity growth

Taking into consideration the main economic development fundamentals, the tendency of growth is taking place in Belarus. These are the results of the economy for the first half of 2017. The results were summed up at the expanded meeting of the Council of Ministers.

As many as six out of seven projections are being carried out. The GDP has increased, labor productivity is increasing fast. The balance in external trade has been set. However, only one indicator is left behind- the real income of the population. This is considering the fact that the average salary has increased by 2%.

Vladimir Zinovsky, Economy Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
We have a right to expect that carrying out the task set by the President (to have an average salary of 1000BYN) will help to move the income of the population, and this, in its turn, a for the development and retail commodity circulation. The task is not to only increase the salary. The salary must grow together with labor productivity.

The topical issues today are building and investment sectors. They must be the growth factors o the economy. What is more, the Prime Minister emphasized that it is necessary to use money more actively in state programs.

Economy Minister about salary, labor productivity growth