Belarus President: Great Stone Park should be a model of Belarus-China cooperation

Belarus President: Great Stone Park should be a model of Belarus-China cooperation

Belarus and China have reached an unprecedented level of cooperation. Alexander Lukashenko held a meeting with the Chairman of the Committee on Control and Management of State Property under the State Council of the People's Republic of China, Xiao Yaqing.

The structure unites more than a hundred largest corporations. Representatives of 16 of them came to Minsk today. Their interests range from medicine and auto industry to defense. The annual turnover of these companies is more than $1.5 trillion.

Belarus is interested in further expanding cooperation with Chinese investors. The most striking example is the successful implementation of the project for the construction of the industrial park Great Stone.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
I would very much like (I know Chairman Xi Jinping has the same opinion) the Great Stone to become a model of joint cooperation. Together with Chinese experts, as agreed with Comrade Xi, we created some of the world's best legal business environments in that park. Therefore, the park becomes international. Belarusian, European, American and Russian companies show great interest in it. In the near future, we need to strengthen cooperation in many areas.

First, direct investment in the park, the construction of new high-tech enterprises, the enterprises of tomorrow.

Secondly, we need to form bilateral projects, engage in company mergers and sync companies' potential. We are ready for this.

Thirdly, the strengthening of military-technical cooperation with state corporations. I think, Mr. Chairman, it is quite possible and it would be nice to create systems of the military and industrial complex in the park of high-tech enterprises.

Fourthly, we need to pay serious attention to the development of the tourist potential of our countries. I want to emphasize that your visit to Belarus is a confirmation of specific and purposeful steps in the joint development and creation of the "common destiny community" of Belarus and China.

The head of state stressed that intensive political relations between the countries are built on an impressive trade and economic foundation. This is the guarantee of the indestructible friendship between Belarus and China.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Our friendship with you is old. It arose when no one said that China could take advantage of the opportunities of Belarus. We have developed relations and we are developing them now. But the main thing (it has always been the case): we are not friends against someone, we do not bother anyone.

We develop our cooperation based on the principles of international law. No agreement between China and Belarus contradicts these principles.

Neither does it violate the stability of the states of this region or the Asian region. Participating in the international conference in China "One Belt and One Road", I said that the peculiarity of China's relations with other world powers is that the PRC does not teach anyone, does not put any preconditions for cooperation.

This is probably a new era of economic and political relations in the world - without pressure, without preconditions, only on a mutually beneficial basis. This is the peculiarity of the policy of the great and wise Chinese people. We welcome this. We talk about this and will underline it publicly.

Alexander Lukashenko noted that today China fully fulfills all the agreements reached earlier. In particular, China opened its market for Belarusian meat and dairy products. The countries are actively cooperating in the fields of industry and security.