International camp Be-La-Rus gathers friends from Belarus, Russia and Latvia

International camp Be-La-Rus gathers friends from Belarus, Russia and Latvia

The international youth camp "Be-La-Rus" has gathered friends from Belarus, Russia and Latvia at the junction of the three borders in the Verhnedvinsk district of Belarus.

Already by tradition, the tent city was organized in a forest glade located in a historical place - not far from the Friendship Barrow, created in memory of the military cooperation of the guerillas of Belarus, Russia and Latvia.

Tatiana Novikova and Alexander Vasiliev are not just famous people in the camp "Be-La-Rus". Everyone knows them as mom and dad of this great tourist family.

Alexander Vasilyev and Tatyana Novikova, parents of the international youth camp "Be-La-Rus":
We keep traditions, we pass them on. In every family, the child is the basis of everything. We try to make it possible for every camp member to realize themselves as much as possible.

During 25 years, according to the most conservative estimates, they have found more than 10,000 "children" from Belarus, Russia and Latvia. Young people who have overcome thousands of kilometers to become part of this grand tourist holiday today live in the country called "Be-La-Rus".

Nadezhda Sarotatto, participant of the international camp "Be-La-Rus" (Russia):
I crossed three thousand kilometers to visit such a wonderful festival.

Alexander Dotsenko, participant of the international camp "Be-La- Rus" (Russia):
We have overcome 7 time zones, we are from Khabarovsk. The atmosphere here is incomparable.

The youngest member of the camp is 7 months old, the most adult is one hundred times more.

Pavel Radchenko from Loev is exactly 25, he is of the same age as the festival.

Pavel Radchenko, participant of the international camp "Be-La- Rus":
I thought of celebrating my birthday with my friends at home, but it turned out that I am here today. I don't regret at all. Because I am here with such a beautiful company. Everyone congratulated me so cordially.

The camp "Be-La-Rus" today is not just a meeting place for young people from Belarus, Russia and Latvia. During a quarter of a century it has become a platform for international negotiations.

The 2017 meeting is held under the slogan "Towards the World Festival of Youth and Students", which will be held in Sochi in October 2017.

Victoria Mennanova, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union:
Taking advantage of such a magnificent site of the camp "Be-La-Rus", we have an opportunity to discuss with our colleagues the forthcoming projects.

Pavel Krasnorutsky, Chairman of the Russian Youth Union:
Russia is only a platform, but the content itself, the organizational component itself, this, of course, will be done by all participants.

Oak brooms, greeting of newcomers, meeting with veterans - every detail is symbolic in the international youth camp "Be-La-Rus".