Ignacy Domeyko's contribution to science discussed in Minsk

Ignacy Domeyko's contribution to science discussed in Minsk

The present and future of geology and the problems of rational use of resources were discussed on July 31 in Minsk. The meeting was dedicated to the birthday of the Belarusian who is known all over the world.

Ignat (Ignacy) Domeyko is a famous geologist, geographer, rector of the University of Chile, national hero of Chile and at the same time a native of Novogrudok, located in Belarus. The authority of Don Ignazio, as Chileans call him, is indisputable.

Scientists from Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Argentina and, of course, Chile gathered to analyze and summarize Belarusian and foreign experience in geology.

Alexander Karabanov, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Professor:
This is an opportunity to once again discuss our problems, and geological problems are always very important. They also have economic significance. And, secondly, once again pay attention to our outstanding compatriot Ignat Domeyko. He did a lot in the field of geology and earth sciences.

Yadviga Elovich, Doctor of Geographical Sciences:
When it is necessary to solve the problems of the geographical plan, including climate change. This plays a sufficiently stimulating role. Our fathers and grandfathers, who long ago passed away, left to us research and we must, in fact, continue this work.

During his career, Ignat Domeyko did mineralogical research, studied Aboriginal peoples of South America and organized a meteorological service in Santiago de Chile. He conducted six expeditions to the Andes and the Cordilleras, where deposits of silver, copper, gold, coal, the world-famous Chilean nitrate were discovered. He also made a geographic, geological and economic map of the former lands of Rzeczpospolita.