Belarus and Vietnam to cooperate in cancer treatment

Belarus and Vietnam to cooperate in cancer treatment

Construction of the metro and the National Library, assemblage of passenger transport and cancer diagnosis and treatment were among the topics discussed by Belarus and Vietnam on July 31.

The capitals of the two states are sister cities. New projects will help strengthen friendship.

Andrei Shorets, chairman of Minsk City Executive Committee (Minsk Mayor):
Today's meeting is one of the few where, during the discussion, we talked about specific projects, specific activities, and not just protocol events. This is primarily public transport, both the supply of buses and the possibility of designing and building a subway in Hanoi. This is medical cooperation. In the field of medical institutions and medical equipment as well as the supply of drugs.

Dao Duc Toan, Deputy First Secretary of the Communist Party of Hanoi (Vietnam):
We are particularly interested in cooperation in the field of medicine, public transport and education. We especially want to work with Belarus in tourism so that Hanoi and Minsk citizens can get to know each other better and get acquainted with the sights of our cities.

The leadership of Minsk received an invitation to visit the capital of Vietnam. Belarusian doctors will go to Hanoi for a major medical forum. During the events Belarusian specialists will share successful experience in the treatment of cancer.