Dmitri Shostakovich memorial concert held in Naroch village

Dmitri Shostakovich memorial concert held in Naroch village

In the village of Naroch, the local church turned into a concert hall to celebrate the 111th anniversary of composer Dmitry Shostakovich. Dozens of music lovers gathered to listen to the compositions of the most avant-garde symphonist of the 20th century.

In 2017, the famous French oboe player Jérôme Guichard participated in the concert.

Olga Golubeva:
We are only for the second day in Belarus. We are from Moscow. We found out from the announcement in the sanatorium. I liked the concert very much. Great.

Teresa Maituck:
His works inspire me. I listen to his works with great pleasure.

This is the second such a musical meeting on the Belarusian land. It is here that the Shostakovich family originates. This discovery was made by a Frenchman of Belarusian origin, the famous European opera singer Arkady Volodos. He received musical education in Belarus and does a lot for the Belarusian culture abroad.

Arkady Volodos, chairman of the French association "Exchange: France - Belarus":
I am very happy that Shostakovich's music sounds in the homeland of ancestors. For me, the most important thing is that Belarusians know that Shostakovich is to some extent Belarusian.

Maestro Shostakovich wrote 15 symphonies and music for operettas and ballets as well as for numerous Soviet films. By the way, Yuri Gagarin took one of his works on his first flight.