Brest celebrates 998th birthday with carnival


Brest celebrates 998th birthday with carnival

One of the oldest cities in Belarus - Brest - celebrated its 998th Birthday this weekend. The scope of the holiday impressed many.

The designers recreated the episode of the liberation of Brest from Nazi invaders, while a bright air show allowed the Brest residents and numerous guests of the regional center to admire the beauties of their beloved city from a bird's eye view. A show of look-alikes also took place: the stars of the world stage passed along the red carpet in Belarus.

Sports tournaments, an exhibition of retro cars and a festival of colors - celebrations covered the whole of Brest. A bright carnival became the hallmark of City Day.

Friends and partners from Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Slovakia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Georgia came to congratulate Brest on its birthday. All in all 25 delegations. According to the organizers, this is a new record.

Giorgi Ermakov, Mayor of Batumi (Georgia):
I want to congratulate all the Brest residents on this wonderful holiday - City Day. This is a city that everyone loves, primarily townspeople. The beautiful, clean, and unique city.

Alexander Rogachuk, Chairman of the Brest City Executive Committee:
The city consists of small things: a stool, a pavement, a flower bed, flowers and so on. These are the little things that create a general atmosphere and a general perception of the city. Brest becomes recognizable already at the European level.

The first large festival of flowers in Belarus was held in Brest these days, too.