Maria Magdalena Radziwiłłowa to be reburied in Minsk

Maria Magdalena Radziwiłłowa to be reburied in Minsk

A symbolic farewell ceremony to Maria Magdalena Radziwiłłowa will be held on July 31 in the village of Kukhtichi, where the manor of the famous family stood before the 1917 revolution and where the husband of the patron of arts Nikolai Radziwill is buried.

In 1918 the princess was forced to move to Switzerland. However, her heart always remained in Belarus.

There is a lot of evidence of her love for the Motherland. Maria Magdalena supported the Belarusian language and national culture. She lived in Switzerland until 1945. Before her death she expressed a wish to be buried near the Red Church.

The road home took 72 years. Alexander Sapega, a confidant of the Radziwills brought the ashes of the princess to Belarus, at the request of the descendants.

Alexander Sapega, confidant of the Radziwill family:
Time will come and this person will find her place in all textbooks. Her bio will be studied in all schools. I think that this person can raise Belarusians and show them some direction of development.

After the farewell ceremony, the ashes of Maria Magdalena Radziwiłłowa will be moved to the Red church, as the princess wanted.