International Army Games held in Russia

International Army Games held in Russia

International Army Games held in Russia The International Army Games 2017 opened on July 17, 2017 in a place of Albino near Moscow.

The program of the current games includes 28 competitions, they will be held on the territory of five countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan and China. As many as 28 countries are participating. Alexander Lukashenko, the Commander-in-Chief, sent his greetings to the participants of the Games. The President emphasized that such military events are the best proof of trust between the states. These competitions are known as unofficial military Olympics. In the 2017 Games military men from nearly all parts of the world are participating.

The tank biathlon will traditionally be the most impressing competition. Belarus will be taking part in 13 disciplines.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
It is more likely to see people with arms and powerful military machinery on battle fields, Therefore, peaceful gatherings on drill platforms is the best proof of trust between the state and the Armed Forces. Today it is a topical issue. It is not calm in the world. International terrorism poses threat to all the countries. Unfortunately, the situation in the world society is tense, therefore it is necessary to stay vigilant and be ready to react to all the unexpected challenges and threats. Perfect military readiness and equipment of the Armed Forces, mutual understanding and military brotherhood of allies is the most sustainable guarantee of the safety of our countries.

he competition “Soldier of the Union” of the Army Games 2017 will be held on the territory of Belarus. Military men from Armenia, Kazakhstan and Russia have come to the country. The opening was held in the Great Patriotic War Museum. The place is symbolic for the participants. The memory of mutual victory unites different peoples and generations.

Kairat Sadykov, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Air Defense of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan:
Such competitions are held with an aim to increase mutual trust between our states. It shows that we have one spirit, that we are friends, and are always ready to help each other, just as in the Soviet times.

By the way, not only men are participating in the Games. Staff sergeant Bakezhanova is not new to the army.

Tulun Bakaxhenova, participant (Kazakhstan):
I like participating in the games and I like the competitive atmosphere. It strengthens the friendship of the states.

Participants of the games think that a woman in a team is very good.

Anna Kovalevskaya, participant (Belarus):
The most difficult competition for me is “Professional”. Throwing of cold arms, tail-rope, shooting. For any woman it is the most difficult competition.

Sergei Potapov, head of the second department of the main training operations administration of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus, head judge of the competition “Soldier of the Union”:
After every stage the winners are awarded, among men and women. Many of the participants took part in the competitions last year.

Thousands of people will follow the games, which will finish on August 12, 2017.