Air festival “Pronebo” held at airdrome Borovaya

Air festival “Pronebo” held at airdrome Borovaya

Shots from the Borovaya airdrome, where these days the best pilots of the planet are demonstrating their skills. The pilots demonstrated their sills in piloting a drone for the first time. Pilots of MI-2 joined in the competition as well.

Rotary-wing machines competed in cargo transportation and helicopter slalom-this is how the guests of the festival are entertained. Another stage of the international competitions in helicopter sport was held within the show.

Participants of the festival:
The people are kind and hospitale. We like the city very much.

The air museum is great.

The sky is wonderful in Belarus. It is not my first time here, therefore I always like it here very much.

The final of the championship will be held on July 30, 2017. The festival will finish with a grand show. The guests of the festival will see glowing balloons to music. Organizers promise that everyone will spend an enjoyable time.