Brest celebrates 998th birthday

Brest celebrates 998th birthday

Brest, one of the oldest cities in Belarus, celebrates its 998th birthday.

The celebrations began from the very morning. A historical reconstruction was held in the residence house of Nemtsevichy. Belarusian clubs reconstructed the final episode of the war. Colorful air show upon the river Bug let the city residents and the guests enjoy the beauties of the city from the sky.

The show of look-alikes “Parade of stars” was held for the first time. Sports competitions, retro automobile exhibitions and the festival of colors.. As many as 25 foreign delegations came to Brest to congratulate the city.

Alexander Rogachuk, Chairman of Brest City Executive Committee:
Brest is known on the European level. Everyone comes here, twin cities and simply people who want to find out, whether money could be invested into the city, whether a business could be set up here, whether trans-border projects could be realized here. It means new working places. What I want to say is that the budget of the city can earn more by means of tourism.

A carnival and many more events are planned to be held in the city today.

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