Turkey sees Belarus as global strategic partner

Turkey sees Belarus as global strategic partner

Belarus and Turkey count on joint machinery assembling plants and further promotion of these products to the neighboring states. On July 28, 2017 representatives of Belarus’ and Turkey’s business circles met in Minsk.

About 30 Turkish and 60 Belarusian companies. Building, finance machinery engineering, light industry – these sectors today pose the biggest interest. According to the results of 2017? The two countries aim at reached one billion dollars on mutual trade. This target was set during the first official visit of the President of Turkey to the Republic of Belarus.

Vladimir Ulakhovich, Chairman of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce:
It is very important for the three main machinery engineering flagmen to open assembling plants. The issue is already being processed. The three plants are Gomselmash, MAZ, Amkodor. The important direction today is scientific and technical cooperation. The market of high technologies and the need in these technologies increased in Turkey in 2016.Today these products are in demand.

Yilmaz Soycan, president of a logistics company (Turkey):
After the visit of the President of Turkey to Belarus? The relations of the two countries began to actively develop. For instance, in logistics we see Belarus as our global strategic partner. In five years’ time Belarus will become a central logistics center of the region. We are ready to cooperate to reach the target.

The diplomatic relations of Belarus and Turkey are 25 years old. Turkish business-building, food sales and tourist services have firmly settled in Belarus. What is more, Turkey invests into the Belarusian economy: 35 million during 2016. Turkey actively invests money into the building sector.