Industrial tourism in Belarus gaining momentum


Industrial tourism in Belarus gaining momentum

Watch how products from crystal are made, sit in the cab of the world's largest pit truck, and join the team of factory workers to assemble the legendary Belarusian tractor with the same name - Belarus. Industrial tourism in Belarus is truly gaining momentum.

Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ) began to develop this new direction of tourism at the beginning of 2017. Since then the company has received more than 1,500 tourists. Since recently, the guests have also got an opportunity to take part in assembling of the legendary Belarusian tractor.

Every five minutes a finished tractor rolls off this conveyor. The manufacturing process comes to the end with painting.

About 100 such tractors are made at MTZ during one day.

The task of tourists is not only to master operations, but also to fulfill them in time. The entire operation takes up to 5 minutes only.

A group of tourists from Russia decided to feel themselves factory workers. They have never taken part in the creation of a huge steel horse and have never even entered a production shop.

Tourists from Russia had to work on the conveyor, which length is impressive - 275 meters. It is here where tractors of various capacities and sizes are assembled. The visitors were entrusted with the assembly of the most widespread model - Belarus-82.

Impressed and happy, the tourists have emerged from the assembly shop iwth a desire to discover Belarus further. Please watch the video for more details.