19th Belarusian Open Helicopter Championships underway near Minsk


19th Belarusian Open Helicopter Championships underway near Minsk

19th Belarusian Open Helicopter Championships (WHC 2018 Test Event) continues near Belarus' capital Minsk. Almost 30 crews from Russia, Germany, Poland, Ukraine and Belarus are fighting for medals in seven disciplines at the Borovaya airfield these days.

On July 28 the pilots will demonstrate, perhaps, one of the most spectacular exercises - slalom. The main task for the crew is to carry a bucket of water over obstacles, dropping as little water as possible. By July 30, the festival guests will get many more surprises.

Anton Bystrov, Secretary General of the Belarusian Federation of Aviation Sports, organizer of the Aviation Festival:
The Navigation event, that is, athletes fly along the route, perform special tasks, find special points, cloths and then return to the airfield. Time is measured and results are voiced. The exercise is complicated, because, firstly, many pilots never flew here.  Moreover, there are a lot of facilities near Minsk, a lot of different objects, and therefore it is more difficult to fly outside the city in this very region.

The current competition is only a test before the international world championship, which Belarus will host in 2018. Aerobatics in the sky over Minsk will be demonstrated by the best pilots of the planet.