Belarus, Turkey sign 7 cooperation documents

Belarus, Turkey sign 7 cooperation documents

Investments and industrial cooperation-the priorities of Belarus and Turkey cooperation. On July 27, 2017 the two countries signed seven documents as a result of a meeting in Minsk. The package of agreements is a road map for cooperation in the nearest time, in a way.

Work on establishing joint plants, where harvesters, communal and other machinery and other machinery is being carried out. There is also a possibility of entering the markets of the Middle East and North Africa.

Vladimir Makei, Foreign Affairs Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
In the last 10 years the commodity circulation between Belarus and Turkey increased by more than five time, exceeding 800 million dollars in 2016. However, it is not the top. Officials of the two countries have set a task to reach a commodity circulation of 1 billion dollars in 2017.

Veysel Eroğlu, Minister of Forestry and Water of Turkey:
The volume of Turkish investments today into the economy of Belarus sums up to 1 billion 200 million dollars. Turkish businessmen have realized 45 projects on establishing plants of different character in Belarus.

The agreement on the establishment of the green corridor between Belarus and Turkey comes into force in July. The customs clearance of goods process will be quicker. On July 27, 2017 it became known that Turkey is planning to open its own bank in Belarus