Belarus optimizing security agencies' staffing levels


Belarus optimizing security agencies' staffing levels

Alexander Lukashenko held a meeting with the leadership of the State Secretariat of the Security Council.

The head of state asked about the pace of optimization of the security agencies. Alexander Lukashenko stressed that at the level of the country this issue is being discussed for the last time. The process will continue, but the decisions will be taken directly by the heads of the relevant departments.

Александр Лукашенко провел совещание с руководством Государственного секретариата Совета безопасности

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Probably, this is the last time we are optimizing this way at the level of the President, with a definite ideological support for this issue. We will determine staffing levels, we will determine the costs for certain directions, we will bring it into order this year. In the future, the optimization issues will not disappear. But this is already the task of the heads of departments. All that they save belongs to their departments. We will simply keep them under control and spur on, stimulate the optimization of structures. The question of discipline is question number 1. This especially depends on security agencies. A person in uniform controls the situation in general. He must deal with everything. And the main thing is to render immediate assistance if a person needs it, be it in the street or somewhere in the backyard. Therefore, a very important issue is the duty of military patrols. Or the Ministry of Internal Affairs. At the crossroads, everywhere, support traffic police. And also patrols of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. When I even pass through the city, I look at it and you know I think people feel calmer when a military man is on the street. And thirdly, they should be among people. It is necessary to bear this in mind. And please control it, put it into practice.

Another focus is on ensuring security during the Second European Games. Minsk plans to host the Games in 2019, but the control system should be established now.

Presidential Directive No. 1 was raised too. Alexander Lukashenko noted: the document gave visible results, the number of injured from external causes has decreased, the number of people killed in fires and industries has went down too. But it's not time to stop. Work to strengthen discipline must be continuous.