Alexander Lukashenko about collective security issues within CCTO


Alexander Lukashenko about collective security issues within CCTO

The military drills Zapad 2017 will be open to a maximum for international observers. Alexander Lukashenk held a meeting with the authorities of the OSCE State Secretariat. Work and control over the power block is in its responsibilities. The Security Council is responsible for order in the country and on the external borders.

The issues of border security were discussed in the Palace of Independence. In the conditions of constant attempts to illegally cross borders, this issue remains topical.

Collective security within CCTO was discussed on July 27, 2017 as well.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
There are issues which we simply cannot avoid. These are issues concerning collective security within the CCTO; because you know that Belarus holds the chair in this organization. Belarus is always expected to perform efficient chairmanship. And we need to discuss the issue (briefly) of how the events on Belarus’ chairmanship are developing, how are we fulfilling the asserted direction of actions. The CCTO has such practice always, when the chairing country asserts the possible direction of actions during its chairmanship. And the culmination of Belarus’ chairmanship is the CCTO Session, which will be held in autumn.

The President was interested in what mode the optimization of the power block is taking place. Alexander Lukashenko emphasized that this issue is discussed on the country’s level for the last time. The process will be continued? However, the decisions will be made by directors of relevant agencies