Belarusians take 14th place at International Mathematics Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro

Belarusians take 14th place at International Mathematics Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro

Gold, silver and four bronze medals were won by Belarus at the 58th International Mathematical Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro. In the team ranking, the team took 14th place. More than 600 students took part in the Olympiad.

Six tasks were given and only an hour and a half was given for each.

Ilya Pchelintsev, graduate of the lyceum of the Belarusian State University:
It is very difficult. No one succeeded in solving all the six tasks.

To get a gold medal one was to score 25 points out of 42. Geometry, number theory, algebra and combinatorics. It is necessary to understand and know far more than the basic math course. Bronze medalist Ilya Pchelintsev says training sessions took almost 8 hours a day. The competition is serious. The majority of winners were boys. Only one "Olympic girl" climbed the podium.

Ilya Pchelintsev:
For Belarus, 14th place is a good result, last year it was 35th.

The BSU Lyceum sent a real "mini-team" to the Olympiad in Rio. And they did not let anyone down taking four bronze medals! This is despite the fact that experts have already called this Olympiad one of the most difficult in history. Such championships have been held for more than half a century.

Alexander Yuran:
On the second day, the second task brought me a lot of problems. I prepared very seriously, but I did not solve such tasks ever in my life.

Korea was the absolute winner: all the mathematicians have gold medals.

Egor Dubovik, graduate of Gymnasium No. 51 in Gomel:
Over these three years when I was preparing for the Olympiad mathematics occupied probably the same part of my life as sleep.
The spirit of rivalry is in the air at the very Olympics, because we all 600 people were sitting in one room. Someone is glad that they found the solution, someone is just writing something and thinking. You start to worry.