State Control Committee analyzes work of housing and communal services

State Control Committee analyzes work of housing and communal services

To save by means of rational approach. The State Control Committee of Belarus has analyzed the performance of the housing and communal services system. The main aim of such an inspection is to get the prices of housing and communal services down.

The specialists of the committee say that not everything in the sector looks that good. For instance, there was a range of violations.

Governors of all the regions have gathered in Minsk to discuss the issue. The problems of the housing and communal services are on the agenda. The President paid attention to the issue many times before.

Irrational resource usage, bribes and late refurbishment – these and other issues go through the housing and communal services, and make the prices or the services more expensive. If to look into the matter closer, the expenses of the public on the services can decrease.

Because of the wrong storage of wood, the material becomes damp and the usage og it increases. As a whole, the issues of heating services stay separately.

Vladimir Kukharev, Deputy Chairman of the State Control Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
If we look at the structure of payments for housing and communal services, heating makes up about 30%, so we paid special attention to this sphere. Today we see reserves in this direction. First of all, this is the modernization and elimination of inefficient boiler houses; there are about 300 of them in Belarus. Also, we are looking into possible replacement of heat networks.

 It turned out that the housing and communal services quite often carry responsibility for the debts of others. Nonprofit organizations are on their account.

Such a situation is in Kobrin. The housing and utilities services there help the aqua park to keep on running since 2011. Refurbishment, salaries and together with that are the losses of the organization.

Svetlana Markulevich, deputy director on economy of Kobrin Housing and Communal services:
The loss sums up to 300 thousand rubles annually. It would be good to spend this money on strengthening the material and technical base of a plant. The modernization of heating services.

It's no secret that many offenses have been registered in the industry in recent years. Most of them are bribes. There were cases when consumers suffered due to the fault of dishonest public service workers: illegal financial activities (in other words, kickbacks) made utility bills more expensive.

Yuri Mekhedov, head of the Financial Investigations Department of the State Control Committee:
A housing and communal organization was buying materials for personal use. The materials they bought were of bad quality. The director of the organization, instead of making a complaint to the supplier, closed his eyes on the fact for a bribe. Such crimes are seen in all regions.

As many as 260 million rubles were saved in 2016. If it continues so, the can drop by another couple hundred million rubles.

Alexander Terekhov, Minister of Housing and Communal Services of the Republic of Belarus:
There are additional reserves. They are connected with the implementation of new technologies, automatic systems, dispatching. It simplifies the work of the personnel, for housing and communal organizations.

The meeting resulted in a detailed plan of 14 points. The main problems must be solved by the beginning of autumn.