Mock helicopter sports championship held at airdrome Borovaya

Mock helicopter sports championship held at airdrome Borovaya

On the first day of the international helicopter sports competition, crews demonstrated professional skills in navigation.

In difficult weather conditions helicopter pilots searched for hidden targets on the ground and practiced precision. The aviators had no more than five minutes to go through the track. Besides the skillfulness of the pilot, the sharp eye of the navigator played a big role as well.

Irina Grushina, first deputy chairwoman of the International helicopter commission (Russia):
They are to fly past three turning points, and ten targets. Then to the second return to the airdrome, fly in a circle in one minute and then get the skittle into a 40x40 cm whole. Another important moment is that they are dropping down two sacks into the targets on the ground. It must be done quickly, at a certain height and strike the target.

The most important part of the competition is expected from July 29-30.

The spectators will have a possibility to see air freestyle, a combined relay.

The bravest will have a chance to go up into the sky. These competitions are a kind of a rehearsal before the World Championship, which will be held in Belarus in 2018.