Belarus' utilities services unveil plans to reduce costs

Belarus' utilities services unveil plans to reduce costs

The State Control Committee of Belarus is analyzing the performance of the housing and communal services system.

It's no secret that many offenses have been registered in the industry in recent years. Most of them are bribes. There were cases when consumers suffered due to the fault of dishonest public service workers: illegal financial activities (in other words, kickbacks) made utility bills more expensive.

In general, repair and replacement of heat supply networks and cost optimization will help reduce the cost of utilities services.

These measures have already saved more than 260 million rubles.

Vladimir Kukharev, Deputy Chairman of the State Control Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
If we look at the structure of payments for housing and communal services, heating makes up about 30%, so we paid special attention to this sphere. Today we see reserves in this direction. First of all, this is the modernization and elimination of inefficient boiler houses; there are about 300 of them in Belarus.

Also, we are looking into possible replacement of heat networks and water supply networks, which generate significant waste and excessive losses.

In violation of the legislation this results in more excessive costs and it is people who have to pay for this wasting.

As a result, a detailed plan of 15 points was developed.

Many issues will be resolved by the autumn of 2017. Experts note that these steps will significantly reduce costs in the industry.