Berglind Asgeirsdottir about success of Iceland football team


Berglind Asgeirsdottir about success of Iceland football team

Berglind Asgeirsdottir, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Iceland to the Republic of Belarus has answered several questions in the TV program Simple Questions with Yegor Khrustalev.

Is it true that there are more volcanoes in Iceland than professional footballers?

Berglind Asgeirsdottir:
Iceland has a large number of professional football players. And, of course, their number exceeds the number of active volcanoes. But, probably, if we turn to history and count all known volcanoes that were active once in the past, perhaps in this case we could say their numbers are comparable. In truth, I do not know. But I'm glad that we touched on the football theme. I had the honor to be the ambassador of Iceland in France in 2016, during the European Football Championship. And I visited all the matches, I was at every game.

I was overwhelmed with pride for the team.

Every day I was shown on French television, sometimes several times a day. The French asked me the same question: "How do you do this? You are a small nation, how can you play football so well?" I called three main reasons.

These are very good coaches, especially high-class coaches of young teams.

Secondly, the opportunity to train in closed arenas during the past few years.

Previously, teams trained only in fresh air and climatic conditions, especially in the winter, were a big obstacle.

And, at last, the most important is Iceland's team spirit.