How will investment attractiveness of Borisov district increase?

How will investment attractiveness of Borisov district increase?

An away government meeting was held on July 25 in the Borisov district. The government members discussed how to create new jobs and increase the investment attractiveness of the district. This is a promising region where large projects are being implemented.

For example, a company assembling cars is finishing the implementation of its project. But there are also problematic enterprises. We all know that machine building in Belarus is one of the starting points for the development of social sphere. This means housing construction and salary. 

Leonid Voronezh, Deputy Chairman of the Borisov District Executive Committee:
This is a breakthrough project. Very significant for Borisov district. The most important thing is employment. As I said, 500 jobs will be created. This means the wages of our employees and a social package.

The Avtogydrousilitel plant was created in the 1960's. This is the only enterprise in the post-Soviet space where a steering system is created for heavy vehicles and buses.

On the whole, things were going well at the company, but profitability declined when the Russian car market dipped. Basically, this plant supplies its goods to Russia. In order not to lose the large market, the company plans to expand production.

Vasily Lavnik, General Director of JSC Borisov Plant Avtogydrousilitel:
And we plan to create about 100 new jobs at the enterprise after the implementation of this project. The project is estimated to date at $34 million.

This investment project should become a life-saving environment for the company. It will be implemented in three phases. As a result, the plant should get components for new products of the Russian automotive industry and for BelGee cars.

Vladimir Zinovsky, Minister of Economy of the Republic of Belarus:
We must reorient enterprises to other competitive products. And accordingly the salaries of workers depend on this.

The industrial and trade network "Vesta" not only successfully develops, but also invests in the economy of the region. Since 2010, the team improved the affairs of six unprofitable enterprises. The work in this coupling brings the best result.

Lyudmila Kulinchik, director of the trading house Vesta:
In this complex competition, today's tough competition, to survive and get such results, naturally, competent minds are needed . We need new forms of trade. Constant modernization, technical re-equipment of enterprises... So very large funds are invested in enterprises.

As the experts noted, in order for the region to develop successfully, and thus both the salary and the overall well-being of local residents, it is necessary to develop cooperation, use the available industrial areas wisely and attract investors.