65 new electronic boards to appear at Minsk bus stops

65 new electronic boards to appear at Minsk bus stops

Another 65 electronic boards will appear at the bus stops of Minsk.

 The exact time of the bus or the trolleybus arrival you need will be possible to find out at all the bus stops in Prytytskogo Street, in Dzerzhinskogo and Partizansky Avenues as well. More than 170 electronic boards have already been installed in Minsk. Practically all the bus stops near underground stations and trams stops are equipped with them.

Andrei Ozerov, head of the automated systems control department of the public transport company “Minsktrans”:
We constantly develop the net of boards. People see in how many minutes their transport will arrive. There are drawbacks, of course, connected with technical issues of connection unavailability, but we are trying to eliminate the problems together with the developers of the programs for electronic boards.

The electronic boards are produced in Belarus. 

By the way, there are more than 2000 bus stops in Minsk. The electronic gadgets are primarily installed in the most popular places.