Amkodor promises new agricultural machines

Amkodor promises new agricultural machines

A joint proposal on the development of tractor building in Belarus will be prepared by MTZ and Amkodor. The future of the industry was discussed on July 25 at a meeting with the Belarus President.

The government made a proposal to create new agricultural machines based on the holding company Amkodor. We are talking about models that are not produced and not planned for production by the well-known Belarusian industrial giant MTZ.

On July 25, the project of creating such models was supported by the head of state. The machinery is in demand in foreign markets, which means that it is a promising business. In addition, the new lines will assemble lawn, garden tractors and tractors for vineyards. All this significantly increases the export potential of Belarus.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I do not need to talk about the importance of this industry for Belarus. It affects the interests not only of the regions of our country, but also of the entire state as a whole. For adjacent industrial enterprises this is very important, since it's the locomotive of their development in the configuration. They are located throughout the country. The work of the entire agricultural complex, the economy of agriculture largely depends on the state of affairs in the agricultural machinery industry. This, naturally, is reflected in the social sphere.

Particular decisions on the development of a particular type of tractor cannot be adopted without a general concept.

The main question: do we need to get involved in the creation of new types of tractors? If so, on what basis should they be developed? On the basis of the existing school of tractor construction or do we need to create a new school? Although there are some elements of this experience at Amkodor too. At the same time, one must bear in mind that we in Belarus don't need unhealthy competition. The competition will knock down prices in foreign markets and as a result producers will put pressure on each other. Moreover, we would not want unhealthy transfer of personnel from one enterprise to another and so on. In general, destabilization, unhealthy competition in the country is not needed. This is an unequivocal answer.

The fact that the government finally starts to offer projects, as I understand it, at the expense of Chinese loans related to material production is good, because material production gives a return on profits and payback of loans. Otherwise, we can put all these loans into the budget and then get trapped. This will turn out to be unbearable for our budget.

There will be on conflict of interest, the government promises.

The release of new equipment on an industrial scale is planned in the next two years. Tests will begin much earlier.

Vitaly Vovk, Minister of Industry of the Republic of Belarus:
We need to consolidate all our engineering potential to make the product that will be in demand in the market, that will have market attractiveness.

Tractor building in the Republic of Belarus will develop, like at all world companies: we will have a wheeled tractor, a caterpillar tractor, articulated, and hydroficated - that is, the whole line of tractors that the world has today.

We are expanding the range of tractor equipment in order to increase the export potential of Belarus. Well, in the end, we will provide the domestic market.

According to the Ministry of Industry, the global crisis has had a negative impact on the Belarusian tractor industry: production and sales have declined. However, Belarus did not lose its share in the market. In 2017, trade on foreign markets revived. Deliveries of MTZ rose: in the first half of 2017 exports increased by 28%.