Alexander Lukashenko about importance of agricultural machine building

Alexander Lukashenko about importance of agricultural machine building

A joint suggestion on tractor building development in Belarus will be prepared by MTZ and Amkodor. The future of the sector was discussed at the meeting of The president on July 25, 2017.

The government suggests establishing agricultural machinery on the basis of the Amkodor holding. What is meant is the models which are not produced and not planned to be made by the famous Belarusian industry giant MTZ. Therefore, competition stays out of the way.

As a result of the meeting in the Independence Palace, the plants are aimed at cooperation. New production will let to make world level machinery, which increases the export potential of Belarus. Lawn and garden tractors are planned to be assembled.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
There is no need for me to speak about the importance of this sector in Belarus. It touches the interests of not only the regions of Belarus, but of the state as a whole. For parallel industrial plants it is rather important, the locomotive of their complexation development. They are established all over the country. The work of the agricultural complex, economy of agriculture depends a lot on the agricultural machinery engineering progress. It naturally influences the social sector.

Private issues of this or that tractor’s development, which might me in demand in the world market, internal market; they can’t be accepted without a mutual conception.

So, do we or don’t we need to make new types of tractors? If yes, on what platform should it be developed on? On the basis of the tractor engineering school or to create a new school? Though Amkador has certain elements of such experience. But we should consider the fact that unhealthy competition is not welcome in Belarus. Competitions which will be getting the prices down on external markets and as result manufacturers will be putting pressure on one another. What is more, it would.t be good to see employees moving from one plant to another. All in all, we do not need destabilization and unhealthy competition in Belarus. This is definite.

The fact that the government is beginning to offer projects, as far as I understand on the Chinese credits, connected with material production; - it is good, because material production gives profit and payback of loans. Otherwise, we can put these credits to the budget and then break. It will be too difficult for our budget to cope with.

At the moment Amkodor realizes an investment project using Chinese crediting. A plant on manufacturing special machinery will be built on the money. To lines will be established in the settlement of Kolodishchi. Part of the production will move there.

According to the Ministry of Industry, the world crisis negatively affected Belarusian tractor building- the volumes of production and sales have dropped. However, it didn’t loose its part on the Belarusian market. Trade with foreign markets activated in 2017. MTZ’s export increased by 28% in the first half of the year.