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BelTA photo exhibition opens in Minsk July25

Life in Belarus on photos. The photo exhibition of Belarusian telegraph agency opens in one of Minsk’s trading centers on July 25, 2017.

Bright moments of the modern Belarusian history are captured on the photos: from famous sports records of Belarusians to the work of industrial plants. The exposition consists out of 40 works. Visitors are welcome to the exhibition till New Year.

Dmitry Zhuk, director general of Belarusian state information agency BelTA: 
The exhibition is dedicated to our life. We chose works by a principle, so that they raise emotions: smiles, surprise. The photos tell us how we live. These photos were taken at the beginning of this summer. It will be a constantly functioning exhibition. The next exposition is planned somewhere near autumn. There will be new photos. Life carries on and we are trying to tell people about it.

The peculiarity of the exhibition is that it will be constantly renewed with new exhibits.

BelTA photo exhibition opens in Minsk July25