Hard work o combiners in harvesting season 2017

Hard work o combiners in harvesting season 2017

News from the fields was the most expected thing this year. Cold summer and long lasting rains did well for the harvest. The harvesting season started later than usual, but it was even better. The south of the country is in the lead as usual.

This is not a parade o special machinery. These are the harvesters going to the fields. The work of agrarians begins om the early morning.

Sergei Yurchenko, head agranom of agro farm “Kholmech”:
The wheat is ready; it is leaning over the ground. The main thing is to try it. If it is solid, that means it is ripe.

Ivan Vyrvich, combiner of agro farm “Kholmech”:
Last year I harvested the first thousand. I will try to do it this year as well.

Ivan is one of the best combiners of the country today. In 2016 he harvested more than four thousand tons.

Ivan Vyrvich, combiner of agro farm “Kholmech”:
It is necessary to feed myself, to feed the country. The weather was not so good. We did not have rains. But as we started the harvesting season I can say that it is not worse than in other parts of the country.

Ivan’s son is in the field as well. Aleksei is a future engineer and decided to make use of his summer holidays.

Aleksei Vyrvich, son:
If I can, I will definitely go and work on a harvester next year.

Anastasia Yarits is a cook by profession. However, this year she decided to join her husband in the field.

Anastasia Yarits, helper:
All these four years he worked in the fields, we hardly saw him. He went to work when we were sleeping and when he was coming back, the children were already asleep.

Work is work, but no one cancelled lunch. Lunch and dinner are brought to the fields for the combiners.

We are fed well. They bring food twice a day here.

Combiners try not to lose any precious time on extra breaks; Their salary depends on the quality and amount of harvest.

Grigory Shpakov, head of “50 let Oktyabrya” collective farm:
The task is to finish harvesting at our farm and then help others who are not coping.

Meanwhile, dry weather struck many parts of the world. The world market of wheat sees the maximum of prices. In Belarus it is different, the harvest is expected to be rich. The harvest of 2017 will be bigger than in the previous year. Agrarians, according to specialists, are to harvest no less than nine million tons.

Agrarians actively use modern technologies. They keep an eye on the harvest from drones. The mechanical park is being renewed as well. More than 130 new harvesters were received by the time the harvesting season began. Gomel constructors are preparing a revolutionary technology. As many as five new harvesters have been developed.

Sergei Fedorovich, head constructor of scientific and technical center of combine assembling OJSC “Gomselmash”:
These machines can work at at double speed. Therefore, the productivity of the machine increases and the necessity in employees.

The harvesters keep on working during the nights. Ivan’s wife Irina understands her husband’s job well. It is a hot season for him. With her it is a completely different situation. She is a teacher and is having time of now.

Ivan Vyrvich, combiner of agro farm “Kholmech”:
They always wait for me at home, support me. As I get in, it is already time to eat, have a shower and go to bed.

Irina Vyrvich, wife:
In most of the families it is like this.

The combiners now have neither days of nor celebrations, It is hardly impossible to imagine celebrations without bread though.