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Lipki airport becomes Minsk air club DOSAAF's new location

On July 24, journalists were shown the renovated airfield Lipki. The Minsk air club DOSAAF moves here from the Borovaja airfield. Reconstruction was conducted in the course of two years.

Lipki has a unique runway, and also the necessary material base for training military pilots and athletes. You can fly here at any time of the day and in any weather.

Nikolai Mochansky, the head of the Minsk air club DOSAAF:
It will be equal to none in Europe in terms of flights performed day and night and for the infrastructure. We gathered everything in one building, as you noticed. The runway, 721 m, which is now operational, has been repaired. Lighting equipment is installed, new radio equipment is installed.

In the future, Lipki will not only replace Baravaja, but will also be able to take over some of the functions of the recently closed Minsk-1 airport.

Lipki airport becomes Minsk aeroclub DOSAAF's new location