Ukraine and Belarus to establish cooperative ties

Ukraine and Belarus to establish cooperative ties

Contracts worth more than $ 47 million, a package of agreements in the field of science, culture and interethnic relations - such is the result of

the official visit of Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko to Ukraine. Negotiations between the leaders of the two countries were held in both narrow and enlarged format. In the best years, the mutual trade between Belarus and Ukraine reached 8 billion dollars but now the figures are much lower. But both Presidents do see the potential.

As a result, the parties agreed to work together in distant countries and create joint high-tech products and sell it.

They intend to make emphasis on the supply of food, oil and engineering products, and also create joint ventures and develop cooperative ties. This practice existed for a long time and now Belarus and Ukraine want to involve regional businesses in it.

Yuri Shevtsov, political analyst:
As one of the forms of work to enter the joint markets of third countries, our President proposed to hold an annual regional Ukrainian-Belarusian forum involving other countries.

The first in Gomel and the second in Zhitomir.

That is, there is a search for new forms of work, but on the basis of existing ones.

Sergei Musienko, political analyst:
In the IT sphere, too, there will be serious progress. We can also name agriculture and engineering. We have a large number of enterprises in Ukraine, which are engaged in assembly. Therefore ... the same trolleybuses and buses could be mentioned.

There are a lot of questions in which we can be mutually beneficial.

Ukraine has been and remains a friendly country for Belarus. The two leaders noted the very friendly nature of the meeting and the productivity of the talks. Indicative is the fact that this is not the first meeting of the presidents of the two countries in the last few months. Before that, the heads of state met in April.

During the current visit the Belarusian delegation worked hard and the results are decent. The July 2017 business forum was called one of the most successful economic events of 2017. As a result of it, BelAZ signed two serious contracts, Belarusian trolleybuses and buses will travel along the roads of Kiev and Odessa and an agreement on the delivery of Belarusian potash fertilizers has been inked.