Belarus' Ministry of Emergencies celebrates holiday with parade and orchestra

Belarus' Ministry of Emergencies celebrates holiday with parade and orchestra

I allowed myself to say that architectural monuments are revived from ashes sometimes. So it was, for example, with the most famous Palace in Nesvizh after a big fire. Bold people fight such fires and among them is the emegrency ministry, who celebrated their professional holiday - the Day of Fire Service on July 22. That day the ministry held a parade took place on the main avenue of Minsk after which Gorky Park hosted a meeting of fire fighters. Anyone could touch the machinery and talk with fire fighters. In general, that was really an interactive holiday.

Behind the wheel of this vehicle driver Dmitry spent enough to understand that love does not live for only three years. He removes every speck of dust with excitement.

Dmitry Derschen, driver:
An exciting moment. We were preparing at night, rehearsals, training sessions... I hope everything will be OK. I'm sure.

Dozens of drivers took part in the festive parade in Minsk!

Also, the fighters laid flowers to Victory Monument in the center of the Belarus capital.

About 500 rescuers took part in the parade. It featured various vehicles: from the rarities of the beginning of the 20th century to the latest models. And, of course, the orchestra with its amazing spirit-lifting melodies.

Vladimir Vashchenko, Minister for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus:
I always wish my guys luck. And also health of course. We are always welcome them back from every mission.

The holiday of the fire service is celebrated in the penultimate weekend of July - this is already a tradition.

Such a holiday is also a good opportunity to feel like a lifeguard and conquer the heights. But the main thing is to remember about security measures.

Minsk residents:
Firefighters are doing well. So many entertainment for people! And anyone can try themselves. Well done.

That's right, this is a good profession. If this event makes a child wish to become a firefighter then it will already be a success.