Ukrainian victory at Slavianski Bazaar 2017

Ukrainian victory at Slavianski Bazaar 2017

The victory of Vlad Sytnik at the International competition of performers at Slavic Bazaar was another joyful news for Ukraine on the eve of the visit of President Lukashenko to Kiev. The native of Lugansk received the same number of points as the Belarusian tenor Yegor Sharankov, but it was the jury who gave him first place. The Grand Prix did not go to anyone. From Vitebsk our reporter Yana Shipko.

Ukraine and Belarus received an equal number of points after two competitive days. It became clear: the festival in 2017 will be without the Grand Prix. Such are regulations. To determine who will be the first, the jury had to vote twice.

In Ukraine, popularity fell on Vlad Sytnik after the show "Voice of the Country". Meanwhile, the Ukrainian baritone has more than 20 awards from various competitions. The golden lyre of "Slavic Bazaar" was the most desired. Ukraine won the contest in Vitebsk last time 10 years ago.

By the way, Vlad is going to spend the prize - 15,000 US dollars - solely on creativity: recording music and making music videos.

Vlad Sytnik, laureate of the first prize of the 26th International Pop Song Performers Contest "Vitebsk-2017" (Ukraine):
I got there absolutely by accident. When Ukraine had the national selection, I found out about it for two days before the deadline and decided to try. I did not think that it was possible, and by some miracle I won it. Since that moment, all my plans have collapsed, everything has changed, we began to prepare. Honestly, this was unexpected for me. But I am very happy that this happened in my life. And I will never forget this time.

The chairman of the jury, the Bulgarian singer Jordanka Hristova, gave her unconditional sympathy to the representative of Belarus.

Jordanka Hristova, chairwoman of the jury:
You have a wonderful voice, the actor's presence, his eyes... I love you. You are my Grand Prix.

Kevin McCoy, singer, member of the jury of the 26th International Pop Song Performers Contest "Vitebsk-2017" (USA):
Making the choice was incredibly difficult, we evaluated everything. We looked at how they look, how they feel on stage and how strong his voice is.

Popular singer Kevin McCoy - ex-soloist of "Bad Boys Blue" - was believed to be the strictest critic.

Kevin McCoy:
For young performers, the festival is a great start in music. If the singer wants to become famous in Europe or Eastern Europe, the "Slavonic Bazaar" is No. 1. After it their career will get a good start.

Meanwhile, the "Slavonic Bazaar" has already developed not only as a brand but also became a commercially successful project.

Alexander Sidorenko, director of the International Arts Festival "Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk":
This festival is the most successful commercially in its history. We fulfilled our plans and surpassed them somewhere by 106-107%. It's very good for us. It is already obvious that we will have financial reserves for the next festival.

Donatella Rodriguez, finalist of the 26th International Pop Song Performers Contest "Vitebsk-2017" (Mexico):
I am very happy to come to Vitebsk, I just fell in love with this city, with the festival and with your culture. I was so warmly received here, I bought souvenirs, clothes with Belarusian ornaments to preserve the memories. Here I raised my professional level. Vitebsk is forever in my heart.

Andrea Paoni, Just band (Italy):
We heard about this festival and dreamed of getting here. But we did not expect to see such a grandiose stage. It is very important for young artists to participate in it. This is something like the San Remo festival in Italy.