Results of Alexander Lukashenko’s visit to Ukraine


Results of Alexander Lukashenko’s visit to Ukraine

The visit of Alexander Lukashenko to Ukraine was one of the main events of the week.

Economic cooperation and trade were discussed at the Belarus-Ukraine forum which was held at the time of the visit. The seen and the unseen conflicts in Ukraine were discussed as well.

Farmer Valentin uses Belarus tractors. The tractors are just right for the fields. The youngest of the tractors is over 40 years old.

Valentin Vydra, farmer (Ukraine):
It works. I can say a big thank you to Belarus for creating such a tractor.

Public transport is the face of a city.

Igor Yukhrimenko, resident o Chernigov:
I look at Gomel, Mogilev, and Minsk: the trolleybus park is very powerful. Electronic boards, trolleybuses of one route go every 5-6 minutes. It is not like that here.

Belarusian machinery in the streets of Kyiv is not rare. This month MAZ signed a contract on exporting hundreds of buses here. Not long ago they started to assemble Belkommunmash uses in Lutsk.

Vladimir Korol, Director General of OJSC “Belkommunmash”:
We are certified here; therefore it is a lot easier for us and a lot more efficient to work. Both on the market and the relations on the highest of levels.

The Belarusian delegation was expected for in Kyiv. Belarusian journalists were interested in comments on economy, when the Ukrainian journalists perceived the arrival of President Lukashenko to Ukraine As a guarantee of peace on their land.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
We, Russian people, Ukrainians are the nucleus in this part of Europe. And as for the Belarusian nation, I visited the museum o Holodomor (act of genocide). I was pleased to hear there during the excursion about the relations of Belarusians in those days, in the 1930’s, difficult times for Belarus and Ukraine, when Ukrainians could move abroad. And where did they go to? They went to our Belarus. Belarusians shared the last things they had.

Alena Goman moved from the Donetsk region two years ago. Together with her husband, son and daughter they ran away from war. But managed to adapt to the Belarusian society quite quickly.

Alena Goman, Ukraine citizen, residents of the village Koverdyaki, Brest region:
The people are nice and very friendly. When they found out that we moved from Ukraine, they helped us with everything they could.

Today there is a point to cooperate on the level of regions.

Alexander Lukashenko:
We do not have any "allergy, we do not trade or make friends against someone, God forbid. We want to work together in distant countries too, create joint products and sell them. As for cooperation, we create enterprises for you, you create enterprises for us. We are ready to move in this direction and have absolutely no questions. We are developing regional cooperation with Russia, with China, with big states. Perhaps, we need to work on the issue and gather such interregional forums? We can offer Gomel.

Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine:
I am sure that you are known in Ukraine as a statesman, aimed at the most effective and concrete result. I am convinced that the development of close relations with neighboring countries, first of all with Belarus, remains an important priority for us.

In the presence of the Presidents, the sides signed contracts in the sectors of science, culture and international relations.

One of the prospective directions o Belarus-Ukraine cooperation is transit transfer by water transport on the principle “river - sea”. It means development of logistics, infrastructure and processing plants.

Vladimir Omelyan, Infrastructure Minister of Ukraine:
We initiated the full inclusion of the Dnieper into the list of European rivers before the European Commissions. So that we can develop this shipping artery together with Belarus and get extra social and economic effect.

The business of the two countries is open for any projects and ideas.

Alexander Lukashenko:
We will together be producing goods, which are in demand in international markets, not only in Belarus and Ukraine.

Petro Poroshenko:
We agreed on concrete steps of cooperation in the sector of electro energy, in oil and gas industries. In my opinion, it is very prospective. What is more, I confirmed the readiness of Ukraine to export electricity to Belarus.

Igor Naslaik, Energy and Coal Industry Minister of Ukraine:
Either joint export of electroenergy from Belarus to Ukraine and the EU, or export to third countries through Belarus to the Baltic states. It is an interesting position as well.

Chernigov is in the very north of Ukraine. The front is far away, but in three years of military actions, the region lost nearly 200 young men.

Olga Ignatushina, resident of Chernigov (Ukraine):
How longer will people be dying? We want peace and stability.

The settlement of the conflict in Ukraine is the principle position of Belarus in this issue.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Presidents Poroshenko and Putin asked me to organize a meeting in Minsk, it wasn’t my initiative. I was told how to do it. I did it. It will be like that always. Everything the two Presidents will ask me to do, more than those involved in the conflict, we, Belarusians will do it. We are not aiming at anything.

Petro Poroshenko:
Alexander Lukashenko created all the conditions for the Minsk agreements to take place, so that the trilateral working group functions. The Minsk agreements are the only single-source documents on de-escalation of the conflict in Ukraine.

The Belarus-Ukraine forum was held at the same time in Kyiv. Hundreds of participants and signed contracts. Top managers and investors. Representatives of different sectors found their interest here: bankers, pharmacists, IT specialists.

Aleksnadr Bondar, director of a private company:
Belarus can offer to create an IT-hab in all the former Soviet countries, in all Eastern Europe, which can be of interest not only to Ukraine, but to venture investors and investing funds and so on.

You could buy practically everything at the forum: from BelAZ to flax clothes. Businessmen managed to sign about 20 contracts just in one day.