What did Presidents Lukashenko, Poroshenko agree on in Kyiv?


What did Presidents Lukashenko, Poroshenko agree on in Kyiv?

What did Presidents Lukashenko, Poroshenko agree on in Kyiv? Contracts worth more than 47 million dollars, agreements in the sectors of science, culture and international relations.

These are only some of the results of President Lukashenko’s visit to Ukraine. In the best of years the mutual commodity circulation reached 8 billion dollars.

Now it is less, but both of the Presidents see potential. The sides agreed to work on the far curve together, to create joint production lines, and develop cooperation connections.

The day turned out to be fruitful and productive. Negotiations in narrow and wide circles, contracts in the sectors of science, culture and international relations.

There were things to discuss. How to return the previous positions, for instance. The potential is clear. Both the Presidents see it. The structure of export and import made up in many years.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
We want to work together on the far, as we say, curve, in other countries, create mutual products, and sell them. As for cooperation, Belarus establishes plants in Ukraine, Ukraine establishes plants in Belarus. We are ready to move in this direction.

Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine:
I am sure that you are known in Ukraine as a statesman, aimed at the most effective and concrete result.

Food products, oil products and machinery products are ready to be put a bin on right now. Creation of joint plants as well. This practice has existed for a long time, but it is not possible without knowhow today. Regional cooperation is planned to take place. What is more, the platform has been prepared: the Ukrainian budget has been decentralized.

Yuri Shevtsov, political expert:
As a means of new forms of work on entering new joint markets of third countries, President Lukashenko suggested to hold Regional Belarus-Ukraine forum annually, with attracting new countries, The first one in Gomel, and the second one in Zhitomir.

The Belarusian delegation worked well in Kyiv.

The forum has already been named one of the most successful economic events of 2017.

More than 400 participants and nearly 20 documents signed!

Yuri Nagornyak, director of PJSC “Ukrgazdobycha”:
A third of this record…. This record is connected with intensification of production. Half of the work is work o Belarusneft. As many as 15% of production increase belongs to it.

BelAZ signed two serious contracts. As many as 90% of machines in the Ukrainian technical park are BelAZs.

Belarusian passenger machinery is loved in Ukraine. About 100 buses will be exported to Kyiv, and 45 trolleybuses to Odessa. Belarusian products are valued and loved in Ukraine. However, there could be more mutually beneficial projects.

Sergey Musienko, political expert:
There will be serious moves in the IT sector. We can mention agriculture and machine engineering. Ukraine has many cooperation and assembling plants.

Ukraine has always been and will always stay a friend to Belarus. The leaders will pay attention to the friendly character and productivity of the meeting. It means that all the agreements will be realized for sure.