Japan school students share impressions about Belarus

Japan school students share impressions about Belarus

Zubrenok summer camp once again welcomes young tourists from Japan.

More than 100 foreign students this time. They come to Belarus rom the regions which suffered from natural disasters.

The first group of teenagers arrived in Minsk on July 22; another group is expected at the end of the month.

Besides health improvement course by Lake Naroch, a fruitful cultural program awaits them. They will also visit the Gomel region, and see with their own eyes the restores after Chernobyl lands.

Japanese school students:
It is great to be here. We only got out of the airport and understood straight away that it is a clean country. It is pleasant to breath in the fresh forest air. Sadly, I do not know much about Belarus.

However, I am hoping to get acquainted with Belarus closer.

It is my first time here. I am very happy to be here. A friend of mine visited Zubrenok summer camp last year and he told many things about Belarus.

I know that Belarusians value their culture very much.

This is the sixth visit o Japanese school students to Belarus. As a result about 1000 children of Japan got acquainted with Belarus in the last years.