Belarus, Ukraine sign contracts worth $47m

Belarus, Ukraine sign contracts worth $47m

Belarus, Ukraine sign contracts worth $47m A joint Belarus-Ukraine business forum was held in Kyiv on July 21, 2017, where the business circles discussed prospective projects.

As a result, the total value of signed contracts summed up to nearly 50 million dollars.

Before the forum even began, it was named the main event of the year. It is too early to sum the results up and to calculate the profits, but one thing for sure, that contracts and memorandums worth 47 million dollars have been signed. An encouraging figure, but not final.

According to experts, there is a minimum of 30% or commodity circulation growth in the reserve.

Vladimir Ulakhovich, Chairman of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce:
The visit of the President himself is a serious signal or business, primarily, and for Belarusian plants, the fact that Belarus should search or such possibilities.

Belarusian agricultural machinery is well known in Ukraine. The sides signed a few contracts on exporting harvesters to Ukraine. Ukraine is actively developing agriculture today and is in need of technical modernization.

Alexander Kamko, Director General of Gomselmash:
The potential is big, and we are sure that the position will hold on here.

We are not going to decrease the pace we gained in 2016.

Belarus’ participation in gas production in Ukraine is one of the most discussed issues today. Belarus has been trusted the 3D seismic testing on big fields.

Maksim Timchenko, director general o of an energetic company (Ukraine):
When we were choosing Belarus as our strategic partner, we took into consideration the experience of the company’s work, its international projects and the professionalism of employees.

BelAZ was one o the newsmakers of the forum. The negotiations on cooperation began before the forum began. A possibility to enter new geographical horizons is at stake.

Piotr Parkhomchik, General Director of BelAZ:
We have already exported machinery worth 18 million dollars to Ukraine. It is just continuation of the work which was done before. The contract is attractive. “ArselorMittal” is an international, world company; it has mountain assets far beyond Ukraine. In Arica, Latin America, and Europe.

There are common touch points and it does not interfere with the orientation of the two counties on different geopolitical unions.

Yelena Kovaleva, Deputy Minister of Food and Agriculture Policy of Ukraine:
There are many technological points, where business can work. I was pleased to see that the forum will not finish without realizing the agreements.

In the five months of the current year, the mutual commodity circulation increased by 26, 7%. The participants of the forum look into one direction. It means that bilateral cooperation is very promising.