BelAZ signs two new contracts with Ukrainian partners

BelAZ signs two new contracts with Ukrainian partners

BelAZ signs two new contracts with Ukrainian partners A joint business forum of Belarus and Ukraine is being held in Kyiv, where the business circles of the two countries are discussing the perspective projects. The flagman of Belarusian industry BelAZ signed two new contracts with Ukrainian partners. In the nearest time the plant will export machinery worth six million dollars.

Piotr Parkhomchik, General Director of BelAZ:
We have already exported machinery worth 18 million dollars to Ukraine. It is just continuation of the work which was done before. The contract is attractive. “ArselorMittal” is an international, world company; it has mountain assets far beyond Ukraine. In Arica, Latin America, and Europe. Therefore, it is very important that it will serve as an element of developing our products not only to Ukraine, and far beyond the borders of Ukraine and Belarus.

Other Belarusian companies are widely presented at the forum as well. Gomselmash signed a beneficial contract. The plant is to export harvesters to Ukraine.

Belneftekhim is hoping for fruitful cooperation with Ukraine. Belarusian specialists will be building gas wells in Poltava region.

Vladimir Ulakhovich, Chairman of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce:
The total value of exported Belarusian products to Ukraine in accordance with this contract will be 47 million dollars. It is a good investment in Belarus’ export portfolio. As for business circles’ cooperation, Belarus and Ukraine has established constructive and friendly connections. I foresee that it is quite possible to increase our mutual commodity circulation by 30%.