Alexander Lukashenko about Belarus, Ukraine potential


Alexander Lukashenko about Belarus, Ukraine potential

Alexander Lukashenko sees great potential for development of cooperation of Belarus and Ukraine. The President went on an official visit to Kyiv.

Ukraine has always been and will stay a friendly and close country to Belarus. This was stated by Alexander Lukashenko during the meeting with Petro Poroshenko. This is not the first meeting of the two presidents in the last couple of months. The last time they met was in April 2017. From that time on the governments of the two countries did a lot to realize the made agreements.

Alexander Lukashenko:
The potential of Belarus and Ukraine is huge. And what we have today, Ukraine is the second external trade partner for Belarus, and Belarus is the fourth partner for a big country as Ukraine, I suppose that you would agree, it shows the level. Belarus and Ukraine represent the closest and friendliest nations. We, Russian people, Ukrainians are the nucleus in this part of Europe. And as for the Belarusian nation, I visited the museum o Holodomor (act of genocide). I was pleased to hear there during the excursion about the relations of Belarusians in those days, in the 1930’s, difficult times for Belarus and Ukraine, when Ukrainians could move abroad. And where did they go to? They went to our Belarus. Belarusians shared the last things they had, because the difficult 1930’s were everywhere. This is the call of the ancestors, which means that we must always stay close. It is the most important thing. Even not in the terms of signing contracts, though they are important as well. This is the base of our relations. And I am grateful to you for paying serious attention to the issue. You set it in the foundations of our relations. We will do everything else; everything can be altered, if we missed something. But I am told that the governments have done a lot on realizing our agreements from the moment of our last meeting.

Petro Poroshenko:
I am grateful for bringing a very presentable delegation here; the majority of ministers are presented here. I am hoping to chart new formats, a new road map, new steps, new orientation points, which can increase our efficient cooperation even more.

More than 200 agreements were signed in Kyiv. The commodity circulation in 2016 of Belarus and Ukraine summed up to about 4 billion dollars. Production cooperation is developed as well. On the territories o the two countries there are 13 joint assembly plants, seven of which are in Ukraine.